Welcome to the Dodge City (noon) Lions Club. We meet at the Knights of Columbus every Wednesday. Lunch starts at 11:30 am and the business/programme part is from approximately noon to 1 pm. This building is located on the bypass, north of town and between 2nd and 14th streets. This map with better directions to the K of C was created by Mapquest.


Meetings start with the pledge of alligance, sing "My Country, Tis of The" and a prayer. Then, the Tailtwister stirrs up trouble, there are any necessary reports, we have the drawing, a speaker speaks and gets a bronze statue of a Lion or an engraved pen as thanks. Then, the meeting is ajurned. (Every member kicks in a dime with their attendance card and "lucky" people turn in additional money in fines. The author of this webpage has been fined a dime or two for paying in pennies or simply tossing in extra pennies. A minor pleasure is thinking of strange ways to write down the date and see if I can baffle the Taletwister. I accidentally conned him when I wrote the date in Roman Numbers. I wrote the date as the year 200 AD instead of 2000 AD. I wonder if I should confess and pay the fine retroactively?) (This harmless fun ended in 2002, when the new tail twister refused to play the webmaster's "date games".

We're a fairly old club and had a 70th Anniversary several years ago (1999).

We're a fine assortment of people from Dodge City, Kansas and the surrounding area. We enjoy our meetings, enjoy raising money for those who need glasses or eye care, transport tissue (eyes) to hospitals for transplants, have interesting people at meetings and good conversations.