Here are the jobs we Lions performed:

Ticket Sales :  One or two Lions are seated at a table by the entrance to the Armory.  One Lion sells tickets and another collects them. (This is to account for both tickets sold at the table and tickets sold before the pancake feed.)

Greeters: Friendly Lions who visit with the guests.

Pancake cooks (2): Two Lions work at a gas grill and cook hundreds of pancakes and talk with the visitors. This is a busy job.

Sausage server: A Lion or often the grandchild of a Lion puts a sausage on each visitor's plate. For a very modest fee, visitors can buy extra sausage.

Coffee pourer or milk server: A Lion or grandchild of a Lion hands out small cartons of white or chocolate milk or little cups of coffee.

Table cleanup: Several Lions clean up after visitors and wipe off the plastic table clothes.

Coffee maker: One of the Lions makes fresh coffee in the kitchen and keeps two or three large pots filled. This is the second most physical job.

Coffee server [at tables]: One of the Lions fills serving carafes of coffee and passes them out around the tables.

Pancake batter mixers (2): The hardest job! One or two Lions put a preset  amount of water and three boxes of pancake mix into a hugh mixer. Then, we mix the batter. After the batter  is ready, we lower the bowl to remove it. Then, the batter is poured into gallon plastic buckets. (Like what you use to wash your car.) This is the most physical job because the mixing bowl and batter is fairly heavy!

Sausage cooker: One or two Lions stand over a hot stove frying dozens of flat pancakes; cooked sausages are stored in a large covered pan. Depending on the ventilation conditions, this can be a very smoky place to work. (One of the pancake mixers has had an asthma attack once each of the past two feeds. The smoke level simply became excessive.) ~


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  Edited 4 June 2001