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This picture was taken in a member's garage. 

In every kitchen, there must be someone mixing the batter! This is a picture of the web master in front of his mixer. The Mrs. Web master was also mixing; she is the one who took the photo! 

This coming year, we are going to take photos of as many of the Lions and our guests as we can. 

 The theme of the 1998 Dodge City Days was "our  brand of fun".   The lady in this photo is holding a branding iron formed in the shape of a  Lion's "L".  Our float was one of the cutest in the parade yet did not win a prize! An amusing aside to this was that a past President (of the club) took the branding iron and was chasing club members around, offering to give them our brand! (It was funny but definitely one of those you-had-to-be-there-things...)

This picture shows an external view of the mixer.
This is a side view of the mixer sans mixer bowl and mixing paddle (AKA "menorah").
This is a picture of the mixing paddle (AKA "minora"). The webmaster nicknamed the paddle "minora" as the pancake feed is in January and thus, rather close to the winter season of Christmas and Hanukkah. (No disrespect is meant to our Jewish friends and relatives.)
This, of course, is the final result! Fresh cooked pancakes (well, cooked on one side). The cake in the lower right hand corner is meant to be a "snowman" (well, pancake-man).