This picture shows an external view of the mixer. his is a side view of the mixer sans mixer bowl and mixing paddle (AKA "menorah").
This is a picture of the mixing paddle (AKA "minora"). The web master nicknamed the paddle "minora" as the pancake feed is in January and thus, rather close to the winter season of Christmas and Hanukkah. (No disrespect is meant to our Jewish friends and relatives. This, of course, is the final result! Fresh cooked pancakes (well, cooked on one side). The cake in the lower right hand corner is meant to be a "snowman" (well, pancake-man).
"Where the rubber meets the road." (old Navy cliché about Division Officers): An unidentified customer is trying to decide which pancakes he wants. Ah, "decisions, decisions...". On the last day of the pancake feast, one of the pancake cooks ws down to the last batter batch. So, to amuse his grandson, he created an image of the [in]famous Disney Mouse.
Lion Bell Ringer Pictures
These pictures Dodge City Lions "ringing the bell" for the Salvation Army were taken in November 1999. 
Lions "ringing the bell" at the Mall.  Lion Mike (the web master) and Lion Kathie (2nd Vice President at the time of this picture). 
More Lions At the left is Lion Perry, 1st Vice President at the time this picture was taken.
Changing of the Guard. One group of Lions being relieved by other Lions. More Lions (yes, the web master is afflicted with the "history bug" and wants to preserve the history of our club's activities...)
The Lions Club "rang the bell" at the local mall, Gibson store/mall and the 14th Street Dillions Store. Since we ring in November, it is nice to do so indoors. We are indoors at the 14th street Dillions and at  the mall. At the Gibson store/mall, there is a little breezeway between the store and the outdoors. We "ring the bell" in this breezeway; it generally get very cold there, especially after the sun goes down!
A group  of Lions and relatives field testing the product before the public arrived. Former Lions Club President Don, with his grandson on the left.
Another picture of Lion Don and his grandson (a future Lion?) A candid view of the customers and the serving line at the right.
Lions serving the public, during a quiet spell. Quitting time, one evening after the door was closed. This image features Lion Perry (Big Lion or President from 2001 to 2002) in the lower right corner.
Ticket sales and just as importunately, ticket collection! Since we sell tickets in advance, the gentleman to the left is the ticket collector and the lady to the right is the ticket seller. Lions gathering around the "end" table, the table with napkins, "silverware" (or is it "plastic-ware"?) and cartons of milk.
The view of the condiment counter between the end of the stove and the end of the condiment counter.  View of the cooking area. In the foreground are batter dispensers. In the far left is the batter mixer. The Lion on the far left side of the picture is the batter mixer mixer. To her right, (by the wall) is a Lion who is picking up a batch of fried sausage. The two Lions at the right side of the image are cooking sausage.
A fine lot of customers (during the 2001 Feast!) Lion Mike R. with friends.
Mrs. Lion Mike and Lion Mike sampling the fare... Finally! After all the work is finally done, the tables and chairs put back up, the cleanup done (the web master has mixed batter and then washed and rinced the cooking utensils for years!) and with sore backs, the Lions are going home after the end of the 2002 Pancake Feast!
If all goes well, the subsequent images should be of the 2002 "Relay for Life"; this is an annual walk for those who have cancer. It is actually the end of a fund raising period. Alas, all did not go well! The webmaster's camera failed just before it was time to go to the football field to begin this event. As the webmaster had been working the 5 am to 1 pm shift, he was a bit tired and didn't think of buying a desposable (one time usage) camera with panaramic view built in. Thus, he wasn't able to take any pictures during the 2002 "Relay For Life". Tis a real shame as there were some very interesting people and very nicely done displays!